Yup. They’re real. Walking, talking dead folks who feed on the blood of the living. They’re one of the predominant groups supernaturals in most cities. They seem to remember who they were when they were alive- at least, well enough to blend into mortal society. Vamps are like super-parasite

The Lore:
Hollywood’s really done us a doosy on Vampires. Half of the crap they put out is just that- useless crap that’ll get you killed. Fortunately, we know a few things for sure.


Garlic- It might make their breath smell, but unless you’re dealin’ with a particularly prissy-ass bloodsucker, don’t think it’s gonna help you none.

Invitations- Superstition holds that a vampire needs to be invited into your home to enter it. While I genuinely wish that were true, this is a case of superstition being dead wrong.

Holy Water- Congratulations. Now you’ve got a wet, angry vampire on your ass. While Holy Water does seem to work on some things, it’s not effective against the Undead.

Crosses and Holy Symbols- You’ll hear stories about Hunters who were able to repel vampires with this or that holy symbol. Urban legends exist even among those of us who should know better. Holy symbols don’t work for shit- trust me on this one, or it’s your ass.

Running Water- Legends say vampires can’t cross running water. I say I’ve seen a vampire ford a river by walking along the bottom to ambush the Hunters on the opposite bank. So much for legends.


Mirrors- It’s not that they don’t show up, more that they seem…distorted. Indistinct. Like a blurry photograph. Same thing for film and video- a useful tool for rooting out a bloodsucker from a crowd of gothy teenagers.

The Bite and The Blood- Vampires suck blood from humans and, according to contradicting reports, from animals as well. Just getting bit by a bloodsucker doesn’t turn you into one, thankfully- for that they gotta drain you of all but your last drop, then feed you some from their unholy veins. Vamps also sometimes feed living mortals their blood as well- supposedly it’s addictive, like a drug, allowing them to form their own groups of blood junkies.

Sunlight- Thank God or whatever deity might still care about this forsaken world that this one is as true as my Aunt Eustice. If anything, Hollywood’s played this one down over time. Real Vamps ain’t like those Twilight Twinklers. They catch a few rays, and it’s up like gas on a grill. Moreover, they sleep during the day, and waking up seems hard for them. Even up and about, they’re groggy, like they’re drunk or something. A smart Hunter goes after a fang while it’s still light out.

Fire- The only thing Vamps fear as much as Sunlight- and Fire can come for them at any time. Needless to say, Fire is a double edged sword, but you don’t gotta strap on the flamethrower and go Sigourney Weaver every time you’re facing down a Vamp. Fire- even in small amounts, like a match or lighter- triggers some kinda weird fight-or-flight response in bloodsuckers. Useful for outing one in a crowd, or for flushing them into a trap

Decapitation- Cut off the head, and the body will die (again). One of the tried and true ways to ensure the undead nasties don’t get back up again next evening.

Stakes- Surprisingly, this one’s true. Doesn’t have to be any special kinda wood either- long as it’s wooden, sharp, and sticking through at least one ventricle, you got yourself one screwed bloodsucker. Now, this method is tricky, since wooden weapons ain’t exactly the easiest to use and you still gotta push that bad boy through a few layers of undead flesh and muscle, but I’ve seen hunters adapt in pretty interesting ways- from creating zip-gum like stake launchers to using old-fashioned bows and crossbows.


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